Art in Silk

Limited Edition

The series "Habotai, artwork of silk" has its origin in a 115 square meter acrylic artwork which I created for a building in Hokkaido. It is a collage of photographs I was fortunate to take in several, the most beautiful National Parks in Hokkaido. I got the chance to visit them in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The seasons became part of the concept for the whole 23 m long original artwork.
Often I was asked to show the unseen details of this work, that is now hanging high up in an atrium, and: here they are, details, touchable and in a manageable size. I have chosen the material silk because it has all qualities I love, like translucency, color with beautiful clearness, it is soft, strong and airy at the same time. In our four year testing period, we saw almost none desaturation of color with our material. This silk is natural, high-quality material, you can clean it even by hand washing it without any damage, if needed.
With a push of the two enclosed aluminum rods at both ends of a barely noticeable loop, the Habotai is ready to hang.
Hand made, produced in Germany, we offer six different sections in two different formats. Each format comes in a limited edition of 21.