The story of the Habotai

The silk pictures are selected from a 115 square meter work which was created for the Nissay Building in Hokkaido in collaboration with the architects of Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd., supported by the consulting firm TOWN ART CO. LTD, and many other very skilled Japanese people. The work is called "Shiki no inochi", which means roughly "Life with four seasons".
My work results from researching the present, contemporary culture of Japan, its people and their environment with its necessities and long-term conditions. To me, it means consideration of people, absorbing yearnings and creating spaces worth living in.
The preparations took four years. I traveled over 3000 km through Hokkaido during different seasons and visited and photographed wonderful, impassable nature reserves, which were often only known to local residents. From all of the photographs, 60 were selected and used as the foundation material for the complete work.